Sunday, January 15, 2012

My workstation :)

My new computer and dual monitor!!!
My main monitor is LG LED 22' and sub monitor is Samsung magic screen 20'...
Behind the monitor I have two externals.. 500mb + 1T...
I'm a fan of externals with on & off switch but nowadays externals don't have them which is a shame..
LED monitor has such a crispy colours compare to Samsung.. (Samsung one has green hue compare to LG..)
6 core AMD processor with Quadro 600 graphic card and 650 power is helping me with getting my work done.! :D!!

+ I actually have a rolled up piece of hand tower on the bottom left.. They are for my wrist when I use the mouse for a long time.. It actually helps to have it support your wrist bc it decreases the tension on the wrist when using mouse...

Now back to work... :)

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