Monday, December 26, 2011

just a little doodle... :D

I was watching traditional Korean dances..
Fan dance was especially divine..!
And the Korean Ministry of National Defense Traditional Band performance was amazing as well!
Inspired by that I did a little doodle!

I have always been interested in traditional Korean clothes, Hankbok.
More exploration is definitely needed! XD

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reflective house anyone? XD

So here I am working with lights once again.. and then I realized....!

House's wall and wood beams look bit too bright with weird line of light...
I know that global illumination bounces the photons around but that line of light was really bugging me...
Looked at it very closely and then I realized it must be the material!
And as I suspected, the material was Phong E with 0.5 reflectivity.. NO WONDER! XD

This is the shot after getting rid of the reflectivity..
Much darker :D!!

Now I am working with the window lights..
I'm definitely going to play around with sunlight a little bit more though..

+ Once again, the model that I am lighting is from a lighting challenge from 3DRENDER.COM

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life Drawing :D




I've really really REALLY enjoyed 3rd year life drawing.
We tried so many new things that showed new side of my life drawing.
Marker gestures were done with marker attached to a long stick.
It makes you really loose in terms of control but that gives it more life which I lack in my life drawings.

I will post the second portfolio which has more fun stuff later since I had to submit them for mark.. :D

Return of the blogger!

I'm back! with new name for my blog!
School was hectic.. at least for me anyway..
I didn't really have time to work on my portfolio so might as well start the blog again and keep track of things!!
For a starter, I present to you...


mental ray global illumination working overtime, I would say.. XD

My computer takes forever to render things and it's really annoying me...
The school is doing storage upgrade on the computers so I don't think I have access to it for awhile..
I am thinking of upgrading my graphic card and adding memory.....

Should be much cheaper than buying whole new system, right? :D

+3D model from one of the lighting challenges provided by 3DRENDER.COM