Wednesday, August 3, 2011

★ Dragon Nest ★

What do to when there is no party leader......
(In DN, the party leader is suppose to have a gold crown in front of the name on the party list..
But there is no one in the party with the crown lol)


I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE!!! fan of Eyedentity's Dragon Nest (DN) :D
Apparently, NA is doing open beta currently...
I am playing in Korean server and users are expecting a big big update in about 4 hours or so...
Jumping Character (lv 45 character), Academic (new character), New server, and new swim suit costume!!

Hopefully they won't have any delays this time... my fingers are crossed!! XD
Now this calls for some decent fan art doesn't it!!

Dragone Nest (DN) is an action MMORPG.
You go into instanced dungeon with a party (4 characters or less)..
The game itself is very fast paced.. AND non-targeting.
There is no such thing as you hit once and then the monster hits once like other MMORPG games.
You either hit'em hard and evade or die trying XD
At first it might hurt your eyes and head because you are not used to it.
Once you get into it, you cannot play other 'conventional' MMORPG, because you will be so used to the DN's battle speed, that other games will feel like slow-mo.. :P

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